Pete & Jake's Hot Rod Parts

Pete & Jake's Old Website

The goal of this project was to take an aged HTML website containing over one thousand pages, and convert it into a dynamically data-driven web application with a fresh look that would appeal to both new and old clients of Pete & Jake's Hot Rod Parts.

Through the marriage of amazing graphic artistry, to offer some up-to-date branding power and visual fluidity; the latest in SEO standards and writing styles, to bring in new business and increase web visibility; and the use of newer technologies (ASP.NET, C#, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL), to give the site functionality and ease of use.  Our team has brought a renewed vigor to the "Home of the California Kid".

The New Pete & Jake's
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Courage 4 Us

Courage 4 Us Site
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This site includes videos to show the motivational speakers skills.

bullet Custom Design and Video


DPA Associates, Inc.

DPA Associates' Old Website

This site allows the professional to change and edit every page wherever he/she is.

bullet Custom design and In-Place/On-line editing

The New DPA Associates
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Project Control Services, Inc.

Project Control Services Site
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Simple site to provide professional look for project managers.

bullet Custom Design and Static web site.


Teach Kids to Fish for Life

Teach Kids to Fish for Life Site
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Fun site that has an interactive pond game, products that can be sold and video featuring John Krzysztow in a co-starring role.

bullet Custom Design, Video, Interactive Game and Shopping
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