Cjk's Web Products


The Professional (Consulting Service Professionals)


bullet  The professional is geared towards helping professionals who need a web
  site to promote their services.  This type of web site consists of five pages
  ( About Us, Services, Products, Success Stories/Testimonials, and Contact Us ).

bullet  These custom-built web sites are offered with a CMS option, so that your
  content can grow and change for full scalability.


The B-2-C (Business to Consumer)


bullet  The Business to Consumer is geared towards helping retail businesses who
  need a web site to sell their products. It is custom designed by the Cjk Web
  Pros team to give our client a great marketing platform to reach its clients.

bullet  This level of development offers real brand recognition, through the use of a
  wide variety of skills (SEO, Google Analytics, eCommerce, Copywriting, Graphic
) to give your site a fresh clean look, or dynamic additions to its overall


The B-2-B (Business to Business)


bullet  The professional is geared towards helping businesses who profit by providing
  services to large clients on the internet. These sites are custom developed
  and usually involve web services and large databases.


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