CJK Web CMS Lite: The easiest content management system you can use.


Turn Key Web Site – 5-page fixed price with CMS

Are you somebody who is on the road a lot? Do you want to update your web site when you are on the road? Do you know how to use MS-Word? Then Cjk's CMS_Lite product is for you. Low cost. Easy to Use. Instant Gratification. Call me.
  • If you prefer to maintain your own web site, we have a product that looks like MS Word and is just as easy to use. If this isn’t the easiest content management system you have ever used, we will refund your money. Start customizing your content after watching a 5-minute training video.
  • Call for pricing and free demo (913) 631-7493



CJK ScanIT_Lite  


Document management solution for price-conscious businesses

Are you faced with documents all over your office and no way to find the one you want. Maybe a sales opportunity is going to be missed because you can not find it. Call us -- this Solution might be your ticket.
  • Finds Documents super fast
  • Helps you manage your documents
  • This product is written for businesses who want a simple, cost-effective solution
  • Stops hiding files in storage file cabinets or boxes
  • Handles multiple scanners.



  CJK Job Ready


Need Experience After Training

Diid you just finish training and your head is spinning? Are you having trouble landing a job?  Call me. Ask for John K.  (913) 631-7493
  • Want to review some things
  • Want a real world experience
  • Want to work with a mentor who can help you become job ready
  • We will cover things that were not covered in class
  • Help you write targeted and focused re'sume's
  • Help you develop targeted job plan provide soft and technology skills building exercises


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