Legacy Support

  • Whether your system is old, deprecated, abandoned, or legacy, we are willing to dive in and figure out what we can do.
  • We can repair or upgrade, the choice is yours.
  • We can become the support your project needs if your original developers have left.
  • whether your system stopped working yesterday or 10 years ago, we can investigate and help restore your system and software to a working manner.

Data Modeling

  • We can provide Diagram demos with your current or future system.
  • Diagrams can be fancy or simplified to suit your in house needs.
  • Older documents can be built ontop of; we don't need to build everything from scratch.
  • Design documents will fit your standards and needs.
  • We can create diagrams for Databases, Java, C++, C#, or Website layout.

Document Management

  • Whether you need a new system, or your current system is a mess, we can come in and supply a system for document management that uniquely suits your business.
  • Your documention can be simplified to be something manageable by humans or machine.
  • We can help you automate segments of your document management, allowing you to have more time for other things.

Projected Based

  • We work on the hour, per project. we won't charge for hours we don't work.
  • We can build a proof of concept for you quickly, to prove a concept is possible.
  • Whether the project is small and a quick fix, or spans over months, we are willing to help you on your project.

On your schedule

  • Long term or Short term, we can work with your project(s).
  • We can work as needed with your projects.
  • Whether you need some worker for an extended period of time or a freelancer to swoop in and save you, we can provide either.
  • We can work with your current team and help make your system work together.
  • During the normal work week or during the weekend, whatever your needs are, we can try our best to meet them.

Flexible Approach

  • Whether it is on site or remote, we can work on it.
  • We can work within your system, or with our system.
  • We can go step by step with you.
  • Whether you need short term or long term support, we can do either without issue.


Barcode PDF or PCL writer

  • Do you need something that can write barcodes into PDF files? Or do you need an application that can write PCL files for barcodes. we have an app that is ready to be adjusted to work with your environment.
  • Written In Java, the jar is portable and can be easily adjusted to your business needs.
  • It also contains several other internal API's that can be reused for other projects (all in one jar features for C++ support).
  • Can perform EAN-8, QR-Code, Aztec Code, Interleaved 2 of 5, code 11, and much much more.

KC Webpros Makeover

  • The site was broken and non-existent.
  • Now its Using word press, it has a content management system that can quickly push things into a list or the surface.
  • Uses some fancy JavaScript work to make the pages switch in a transition.
  • Custom PHP for forms.
  • Added SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) via Cloudflare and associated WordPress Plugins for SSL.


Embedded Solutions

  • We can support system such as Java, C++, C# and bring your system back to a state of normality.
  • Software can also be built for your needs.
  • We aren’t limited to massive systems, we can help your mobile application work with your new system.
  • We can build your application.

Web Applications

  • We can build or fix a Web application for you, it can be written in many different languages of your choosing.
  • The Web Application can send or receive XML, CSV, Raw Text, or HTML that can aid your other apps or your client apps.
  • Whether it is a website backend, mobile backend, or a software as a service, we can help with your application that goes across the internet.

Backend Support

  • Your system can be built, repaired, updated, or upgraded to suit your backend needs.
  • We are willing to dive into your custom code and help bring your system back to a stable condition.
  • Whether your System needs some dirty code clean up or rescue, we can dive in and do something.
  • We can also help you with some of your early designs and built parts of your system that you may not be experienced with.

Website Creation

  • A Website can be written, rebuilt, updated, upgraded, or Simplified for you.
  • We can Demo your site for you on our server.
  • We can write your website in raw HTML or in content management software. the choice is yours.
  • Your Ideas, Our Design: we can take your idea and run with it. All we need is an inch and we will give a mile with it.
  • Your Design, Our Code: Already have a design? we can help build your website.
  • We can give advice to help you secure your site.